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Futures Planning: Strategies for Action - March 2007
A Report on Telecommunities Canada (TC): futures planning process, March 6, 2007.     PDF
Telecommunications Policy Review - February 2007
Garth Graham. IF WE ARE THE MARKET FOR INTERNET, WHAT SHOULD WE DEMAMD? PCNA 2007 Summit Breakout Session: Telecom Policy and the Future of CAP, Vancouver, BC, February 24, 2007. In exploring alternative approaches to public policy debate on Internet use, this presentation covers the advice that telco legal counsels are giving to their employers, Internet Protocol as social contract, and Internet use in development that sustains open systems of local learning.     PDF(3.1MB)
Telecommunications Policy Review - August 2006
TC REPRESENTATION ON CABINET DIRECTIVE TO THE CRTC: A representation from Telecommunities Canada with respect to: Order under Section 8 of the Telecommunications Act - Policy Direction to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. As published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, Vol. 140, No. 24 - June 17, 2006. TC stated that the Telecommunications Policy Review Panel's recommendations do not supply sufficient reason to instruct the CRTC to alter its implementation of the socio-economic development principles stated in the Telecommunications Act. We noted that the key driver of change in the current communications context is the Internet, and in particular Internet Protocol, not "telecommunications." Then we made a number of recommendations based on that perspective.     MSWord(70KB)     Plain Text(25KB)     PDF(306KB)
Telecommunications Policy Review - June 2006
Garth Graham. CANADIANS ONLINE - CREATORS NOT CONSUMERS: A critique from a community networking perspective of the Telecommunications Policy Review Panel's Report. Telecommunities Canada, June 21, 2006.
This document was commissioned and accepted by the Telecommunities Canada Board of Directors as background for discussion of public policy issues related to the uses of the Internet for Canadian development.     PDF(250KB)
Peter Frampton, Marita Moll: "A brief guide to action the Telecom Policy Review Panel work."     Open Office Presentation(20KB)     PDF(67KB)     Microsoft PowerPoint(98KB)
Telecommunications Policy Review - May 2006
Telecom Policy Review: What's it all about. Slide presentation to the Community Learning Networks Ontario Forum, May 25-26, 2006, Toronto, ON. Peter Frampton, Garth Graham, Marita Moll     Microsoft PowerPoint(58KB)     PDF(253KB)

Prior years

WSIS/WGIG Internet Governance - November 2005
In seeking a way to understand the issues driving the Internet Governance debate at WSIS, TC Board member, Garth Graham, has used scenarios to produce a brief synthesis and overview titled, Experiencing the Information Society: four Internet futures.     PDF(93KB)
Telecom Policy Review - August-September 2005
First response: Community Online and Public Policy: Telecommunities Canada's Submission to the Telecommunications Policy Review: When we frame issues in terms of a citizen's relationship to governance online, or an individual's relationship to social networks and community in a Knowledge Society, a transformation in the nature of the public good comes into view.     PDF(164KB)     Plain Text(57KB)
Second response: Home truths for citizens online: Telecommunities Canada's second round submission to the Telecommunications Policy Review (September 15, 2005).     Plain Text(29KB)     small PDF(51KB)     big PDF(110KB)     MSWord(65KB)
WSIS/WGIG Internet Governance - May 2005
The UN Secretary General's Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) is developing a report for the November 2005 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). In early May, the WGIG posted a questionnaire that seeks to gather public opinion on institutional arrangements related to internet governance. They seek views on the functioning of the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the Government Advisory Council (GAC), and recommendations about whether another mechanism is needed and what it might look like. The questionnaire is available at the WGIG site: A TC comment to the discussion wiki accompanying the questionnaire is available here:     HTML
Winnipeg WSIS II slide presentation - May 2005
Gareth Shearman, President of Telecommunities Canada, and Peter Frampton, chair of the National Association of Community Access Programs: 10 years of investment -- CAP -- The Community Access program in Canada. Delivered during "Paving the Road to Tunis WSIS II: The Views of Canada's Civil Society on the Geneva Plan of Action and the Prospects for Phase II," Winnipeg, May 13-15, 2005     Slide Presentation
World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) statement - April 2005
Statement prepared by Telecommunities Canada for "Paving the Road to Tunis WSIS II: The Views of Canada's Civil Society on the Geneva Plan of Action and the Prospects for Phase II," Winnipeg, May 13-15, 2005 Beyond the Information Society: Enabling Communities to Create the World We Want.
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Review of telecommunications policy - March 2005
A second letter from Telecommunities Canada to the Minister of Industry, March 18, 2005, written with the intention of obtaining a greater voice for community online in a pending national review of Canadian telecommunications policy.     (Plain Text Format)
IP Telephony (VOIP) - September 2004
We are proceeding with our experiments here in British Columbia and continue to be very impressed with the capability of this technology.     (Plain Text Format)
New approaches to telecommunications advice - July 2004
A letter from Telecommunities Canada to the Minister of Industry, July 21, 2004, written with the intention of obtaining a greater voice for community online in a pending national review of Canadian telecommunications policy.     (Plain Text Format)
Canadian Research Alliance for Community Innovation and Networking [CRACIN] - December 2003
Our letter of support for the CRACIN 3-year SSHRC grant to study community networking.     (Plain Text Format [small!])     (RTF Format [big!])
Community ungrounded: governance, learning and social change online - December 2003
This discussion paper was written to provoke some thinking among community networking associations about the lessons we learn from taking the concept of community online. It attempts to "bridge" the gap of assumptions made about the nature of governance online, and about the implications of the uses of information and communications technologies for development, by people who, on the one hand, act to grow complex networks of communities online and, on the other hand, by people at all levels in governments who think about how relations among the governed and the governors are changing. The paper is a personal statement of a Telecommunities Canada (TC) Board member, not an official position of TC; but, it does provide background to themes raised in a TC position on Community online and Canada's position at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), a letter sent to the Canadian Federal Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Industry, June 30, 2003.     (HTML Format)     (Microsoft Word Format)     (PDF Format)
Provincial Policy and the Digital Divide: Recommendations to the Premier from the Regional Networks conference in Prince George - August 8, 2003
Recommendations of the Broadband Community Champions Consortium (BC3) to the Government of British Columbia on how to utilize its full provincial network spending so that it leverages significantly improved connectivity to every community in BC. In order to further local economic and social development goals, BC3 recommends a provincial network architecture of open access points of presence and aggregation of local demand for bandwidth.     (Plain Text Format [small!])     (Microsoft Word Format [big!])
Community online and Canada's position at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) - June 2003
A letter from Telecommunities Canada to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance, and Industry, June 30, 2003, noting the importance of community online to the development of an Information Society, and seeking assurances of more open processes of dialogue on national socio-economic development planning related to information and communications technology use. A much longer unofficial discussion paper that expands on the issues raised in this letter is here: Community ungrounded: governance, learning and social change online     (HTML Format)     (RTF Format)
New Models of Governance - June 2003
How Self-Organizing Online Communities Inform Public/Private Stakeholder Interaction in an Information Society (Draft proposal to the Global Community Networks Partnership [GCNP] re: the World Summit on the Information Society [WSIS] project, June 11, 2003)     (Plain Text Format [small!])     (HTML Format [medium])     (Rich Text Format [big!])
Letter of Support / Statement of Cooperation - April 21, 2003
Letter of Support / Statement of Cooperation for Letter of Intent submitted on behalf of the Pacific Community Networks Association by Leslie Adams. Sumbitted to the Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI): Request for Letters of Intent: Information Technology and Information Management (IM/IT) Training & Support Network for the Voluntary Sector     (Plain Text Format)
Intervention on Lawful Access - 2002
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Electronic Communities Assisting Employment - 2000
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Community Content Categories Report - 2000
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Report on the Second European Community Networking Conference (ECN98) - July 1998
Realizing Community Online - May 10, 1998
Electronic Future Communities - October 25, 1996
Rhetoric and Reality in Canadian Community Networking - June 27, 1996
What Community Networks Are All About - March 25, 1996
Community Network Design Centre Project - November 29, 1995
Member Networks Directory - May 6, 1995
Work Plan for a National Vision Statement - November 1994

TC Submissions to the CRTC

To CRTC: New Media - Call for Comments - September 30, 1998
To CRTC: Social Purpose of Community Networks - March 29, 1995
To: Response to Phase I Submissions Filed Under CRTC - February 1994

TC Project Proposals

Proposed Community Networking Support Initiative - 2000
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