Session Abstracts

Session Abstracts will be available as speakers submit them. Those sessions preceded by astericks did not have abstracts submitted yet.

Building an Electronic Community
** CanWorkNet: Living, Learning & Working in Cyberspace
The Care and Feeding of Information Providers
** Censorship Issues in the Internet
** Chebucto Suite: Three Models for Community Nets
** Chebucto Suite Today
** Community Computing - the BC Perspective
** Community Networking in Canada - At a Crossroads on the Information Highway
** A Community Response to Freenets: Implications for Community-Based Telecomputing
** Expanding Access to the Broader Community and Wider Audience
** From Community Media to Freenets: Networked Environment and Democracy
** The Fundraising Revolution: Raising Resources Without Hurting Yourself
** Future of Community Networks: Challenges and Opportunities
** Government of Canada's Experience on the Internet
Growing a Shared Community Vision: Challenges of Widespread Citizen Engagement
** Hands on and Fingers Out..... overnance for FreeNet Boards
** Hardware/Software Strategies for Community Networks
Hardware and Software Issues at Edmonton FreeNet: The First 18 Months
** How to Kill Community Networks
** Internet Related to the Cable Networks
** Keeping Members Satisfied: Now and In the Future
Know Thy Community Net: What Are Your Members Really Doing?
Life With Freenet Volunteers
** Magic or Science - The Ingredients of Effective Board of Directors
** Managing the Impact of Technological Change
Microsoft ** Session cancelled **
** Nevada Telecommunity Project
** New Digital Technology
** Policy for Dummies - Developing Policy that Works
Recruiting Volunteers: The Grizzly Creek Solution
** Review of the Volunteers of the Edmonton FreeNet
** Special Needs Computer Access
** Starting Up a Freenet
** Ten Challenges for Volunteer Management in the 90's
** Toward a National Public Information Networking Strategy for Canada
Transition to a Website
What Do You Need for an Effective Board?

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