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Telecommunities Canada (TC) is completely volunteer driven. Membership is free -- just request to be added to our mailing list. However, we do need some funds to pay for our annual non-profit filing, web hosting, online conferencing license, etc. Your contribution to this unique Canadian voice on Internet issues helps maintain one more source of public/user input into Internet policy issues nationally and internationally.

TC is a national non-profit organization of community networking advocates and practitioners. It remains the only such organization in Canada and has been around since 1994. Together and as individuals, we have participated in government and CRTC processes, published books and articles and have engaged in university research studies. We contribute to the work of international (ICANN, NARALO) and national organizations (ISCC, CIRA) and support each other's activities at the local and provincial levels.

Telecommunities Canada is funded through member and other donations. The nearby Donate button will allow you to donate to TC using your PayPal account or many popular credit cards (no PayPal account needed).