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Achieving digital excellence in Chicago

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Achieving digital excellence in Chicago

Chicago is one city where there is intense dialogue over the best routes to social change in a digital age. Its citizens are learning that it is hard work to negotiate the transition from vertical institutions to horizontal networked relationships. Here are two products of their learning to date:


"Digital excellence is achieved when all who wish to can integrate the Internet comfortably into their lives -a state of active and meaningful participation that increases knowledge and enhances connections across time and place...In our recommendations, we propose immediate actions as well as a long-term, durable approach that will enable leaders in the drive for digital excellence and transformation to understand dynamic changes in technology and new divides that may emerge over time, respond with new solutions and seize new opportunities."

The city that net/works: transforming society and economy through digital excellence. Report of the Mayor´s Advisory Council on closing the digital divide. Chicago, May 2007. PDF


The following principles were adopted under the CDAA´s Campaign for a Community Benefits Agreement. CDAA believes these principles should guide the development of the wireless network and the opportunities that emerge from its formation: Ten Principles for Digital Excellence

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