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1997 Proposed Membership Development Plan

To be updated for 2016...

Benefits and Features:

Each Community Network will make a decision to join Telecommunities Canada based on their perception of the benefits they will receive. The following are some of the benefits and features of membership provided by Telecommunities Canada:

* available to Full Members only.

Membership Categories:

Note: Community Networks will be added to the first two categories automatically and must request removal from the listings. They must apply for inclusion in the full or regional membership categories.

Membership Application Procedure:

  1. Information - a Community Network requests or is sent a letter of introduction and other promotional materials about Telecommunities Canada.
  2. Application - the prospective member completes the application form which includes information such as: Name of Community Network; address and phone numbers; network addresses (URLs); board and committee structure; legal incorporation type; number of members/users; names of key contacts, staff and board members; description of hardware/software setup; copy of annual report to members including annual financial review.
  3. Submission - application form is sent to TC Postmaster who forwards information to membership committee and database maintainer.
  4. Agreement - Membership Committee drafts a membership agreement and invoice for membership fees and returns it to the prospective member for signature. The Community Network now becomes a Provisional Member and has 60 days to sign the agreement and submit the membership fees although an extension may be granted.
  5. Payment - Upon return of the signed membership agreement (to the Victoria address) and payment in full of membership fees the Community Network will be granted full membership rights and privileges.
  6. A Regional Community Networking Association may apply for membership in Telecommunities Canada. Membership in TC (operational member) may be extended to all community networks within the regional association upon payment of negotiated fees and compliance with all requirements.

Membership Agreement:

The membership agreement lays out the rights, responsibilities and obligations of both TC and the member Community Networks. The member agrees to accept and abide by the membership criteria established by TC and to provide:

TC agrees to provide the services listed under benefits above.

Membership Criteria:

Membership criteria have already been detailed in the articles of incorporation and bylaws. To qualify for membership in Telecommunities Canada a Community Network must:

Annual Membership Renewal Schedule:

Implementation Schedule:

  1. Board reviews and amends proposal document as required.
  2. Membership Proposal is posted to tc-members listserve and conference web page.
  3. Appoint membership committee by August 31, 1997 (at Halifax Conference)
  4. Decide on membership application policy, process and requirements by January 31/98.
  5. Distribute membership information materials to Community Networks by February 28/98.
  6. Process membership applications as received.
  7. Update membership roster and report on membership status by April 30/98.
  8. Review membership status report and take further action as required by May 31/98.