Telecommunities Canada
Annual General Meeting

Sunday, March 20
1:00 p.m.



Garth Graham,
Marita Moll,
David Murdoch
Gareth Shearman,
Darlene Thompson,
Chris Cope
Cheryl DeForest
Fred Campbell
Brian Beaton

Chair:  Gareth Shearman

  1. Approval of minutes of the 2009/10 AGM

That the minutes of the 2009-10 AGM be approved.

Moved by Darlene Thompson; Seconded by Fred Campbell

  1. Financial Report

Gareth Shearman noted that there had been no financial activity during the past year

That the financial report be accepted

Moved by Garth Graham; Seconded by David Murdoch

  1. Appointment of Auditor

That the appointment of auditor be deferred to the board

Moved by Garth Graham; Seconded by David Murdoch

  1. President’s report

Gareth  mentioned the many activities that TC had been involved in this year.  These included:

That the President’s report be accepted.

Moved by Marita Moll; Seconded by Chris Cope

  1. Director’s reports

It was agreed that Gareth had covered the activities of the year

  1. Issues and directions
Brian Beaton talked about project for First Nations and Inuit communities on the development of broadband infrastructure and use of information and communication technologies. Project partners are Simon Fraser University, the University of New Brunswick, Keewaytinook Okimakanak, Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk, the First Nations Education Council, and the First Nations Technology Council.  A report and a recent conference “Putting the ‘Last-Mile’ First: Re-framing Broadband Development in First Nations and Inuit Communities” is available at  He noted that there were many projects underway that enabled communities to make many of their own decisions and that we needed to do a better job of documenting and supporting them. Darlene Thompson suggested that we needed to revisit the list of officers.  It was noted that this was normally the task of the new board and should be done after the election of the board as part of the first meeting of that board.

David Murdoch noted that he had sent out a message requesting members pay their annual $25 dues.

  1. Election of directors

Gareth noted that a message had gone out to all current directors and members of the list to see if anyone would like to join or be removed as a director.  Everyone currently on the director’s list agreed to serve again.
Moved that the following list of directors be accepted:

Fred Campbell, Bev Collins, Chris Cope, Peter Frampton, Garth Graham, Michael Gurstein, Simon Roux, Marita Moll, David Murdoch, Marie Prebushewski, Clarice Leader, Elizabeth Wilson, Gareth Shearman, Darlene Thompson, Fred Campbell and Brian Beaton

Moved by Marita Moll; Seconded by Darlene Thompson

  1. Adjournment

That the meeting be adjourned

Moved by Garth Graham; Seconded by Marita Moll