Telecommunities Canada
Annual General Meeting

March 19
Coast Plaza Hotel, Vancouver
4:00 p.m.



Clarice Leader
Marita Moll
Darlene Thompson
Sabinah Rafiq
Amy Campbell
George Wilhelm
Austin Rice
Catherine Middleton
Garth Graham
Marie Prebushuwski
Chris Cope
Cheryl DeForest
David Murdoch

Chair:  Gareth Shearman

  1. Approval of minutes of the 2009/10 AGM

That the minutes of the 2008-09 AGM be approved.

Moved by Marita Moll; Seconded by Clarice Leader

  1. Financial Report

Gareth Shearman presented the bank statement that showed a balance of $5,333.05, same as last year.  There has  been no financial activity this year

That the financial report be accepted

Moved by Garth Graham; Seconded by Chris Cope

  1. Appointment of Auditor

Given the lack of financial activity, this should be deferred to board.

Moved by Garth Graham; Seconded by Darlene Thompson

  1. President’s report

Gareth Shearman reported that our effectiveness as an organization had improved dramatically over the past year, especially with respect to getting the word out about CAP.  The monthly teleconferences have been a big help.  Issues dealt with include telecom policy in general, the death and resurrection of CAP, and ICANN.  Kudos to Marita for her work in getting the publicity out and get the CAP funding restored.

That the President’s report be accepted.

Moved by Marita Moll; Seconded by Chris Cope

  1. Director’s reports

 Marita Moll reported on several meetings:  one with policy analysts in Industry Canada, a meeting with NDP telecom critic Charlie Angus and a meeting with Liberal telecom critic Marc Garneau (attended by Monique Chartrand in Montreal).

David Murdoch mentioned the need to pay membership fees.  He will send a note to the advisors list on this subject.

6. Election of directors

Gareth announced that Brian Beaton had agreed to replace Jesse Fiddler as director from K-Net.  Elizabeth Wilson (P.E.I)has also agreed to join the Board.

Moved that the following list of directors be accepted:

Fred Campbell, Bev Collins, Chris Cope, Peter Frampton, Garth Graham, Michael Gurstein, Simon Roux, Marita Moll, David Murdoch, Marie Prebushewski, Clarice Leader, Elizabeth Wilson, Gareth Shearman, Darlene Thompson, Fred Campbell and Brian Beaton

Moved by Marie Prebushewski; Seconded by Clarice Leader

  1. Adjournment


That the meeting be adjourned

Moved by Clarice Leader; Seconded by Marita Moll