Telecommunities Canada

Annual General Meeting

Feb. 23, 2007
Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites
Vancouver, B.C.

List of participants

Ian Allen
Brian Beaton
Fred Campbell
Michael Corbett
Garth Graham
Michael Gurstein
Marita Moll
David Murdoch
Gary Shearman
Darlene Thompson

Chair: Gareth Shearman


  1. Approval of minutes of the 2005-2006 AGM
  2. Financial Report
  3. Appointment of auditor
  4. President’s report
  5. Directors’ reports
  6. Issues and directions
  7. Election of directors
  8. Adjournment
  1. Approval of minutes of 2005-2006 AGM.

 That the minutes of the 2005-06 AGM be approved

Moved by Marita Moll                       Seconded by Fred Campbell

  1. Financial Report

Gary  Shearman presented the financial report for the year ending March 31, 2006.

That the financial report be accepted

Moved by David Murdoch                Seconded by Fred Campbell

  1. Appointment of auditor: 

Stewart Boddy has acted as auditor for quite a number of years and it was moved that this continue to be the practice. 

That Stewart Boddy continue to prepare the financial report

Moved by Marita Moll                       Seconded by David Murdoch

  1. President’s report (verbal):

Gareth welcomed  new CanCAP members and thanked Darlene Thompson for organizing monthly teleconferences. He noted that this had been a very active year for TC, especially with respect to outreach activities. TC has been seeking recognition as an ALS within ICANN.  TC has also been involved in lobbying for the establishment of a North American RALO.  As a result of this activity, TC is currently testing Maratech software that might be useful as a national networking tool.

That the President’s report be accepted

Moved by Garth Graham                  Seconded by Darlene Thompson

  1. Directors’ reports

Marita Moll reported that the CRACIN research alliance has entered its final year grant.  This has been a good partnership for TC.  There will be a final CRACIN meeting in May, 2007.  The cooperative CRACIN/TC community networking survey will be ongoing till the fall of 2008.

Garth Graham reported that TC had a planning session in Ottawa in the Nov. 2006 to formulate objectives.  We have gotten this down to a one page matrix to show our direction, but we still need to finalize it.

That the directors’ reports by accepted

Moved by Michael Gurstein             Seconded by Gareth Shearman

  1. Issues and directions

Membership: There has been some discussion as to whether we want to go after members widely or just keep membership with active participants.  Peter Frampton wanted to go after membership widely.  There is a form on the website and there have been submissions.  The treasurer will be collecting membership fees from the people that are here and send reminders to others.  Michael Gurstein suggested that since TC is moving into a broader policy-type group so the broader the membership base the better.  Clarice Leader had volunteered to look after membership but has been unable to do this due to other obligations.  Many of those who have filled out the form have not been active.  Michael Gurstein suggested using the term “Dynamic Coalitions” rather than membership.  David Murdoch said that if we want formal memberships then we need a formal structure to support it.  Garth Graham noted that we have affiliations with many groups (which broadens our capacity to act) so we don’t really need a large number of members.  We do need a member from each province/territory and that would add to our legitimacy.  It was decided that we need to discuss this further.

Future of CAP:  Another issue that was brought up was the question of how TC could help with the future of CAP.  It was noted that this had been actively going on and there was, as yet, no firm direction coming from IC in this regard.

FNSchoolNet: Michael Corbett noted that FNSchoolNet has been moved from IC to INAC and this has given it some new life.  Staff from IC has moved to INAC to support this.

  1. Election of Directors

Clarice Leader and Ariane Pelletier have indicated that they would not stand as nominees for director positions this year.  Maurice Dion is no longer working in this area. Although TC’s bylaws allow for 15 directors, it is not mandatory to fill all positions. 

That the following list of directors by accepted:

Fred Campbell, Bev Collins, Chris Cope, Peter Frampton, Garth Graham, Michael Gursten, Marita Moll, David Murdoch, Marie Prebushewski, Gareth Shearman, Darlene Thompson, Tim Hazell and Frédéric Lazure.

Moved by Garth Graham                  Seconded by Michael Gurstein

  1. Adjournment

That the meeting be adjourned

Moved by Garth Graham                  Seconded by Michael Gurstein