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Telecommunities Canada AGM 2004

Telecommunities Canada AGM 2004 Agenda

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Telecommunities Canada AGM 2004 Minutes

(This text file is available as 2004-03-19minutes_agm.rtf in RTF format.)
                           Annual General Meeting

                           Friday,March 20, 2004
                               Georgia Hotel
                              Vancouver, B.C.

   Present at the meeting:
   Sam Coghan
   Garth Graham
   Mike Gurstein
   Marita Moll
   Peter Royce
   Gary Shearman
   Chair: Marita Moll
   1 Approval of minutes of 2002 AGM
   2 Financial report
   3. Appointment of auditor
   4.President's report
   5. Director's reports
   6. Review and updating of bylaws
   7. Issues and directions
   8. Election of directors
   9. Adjournment
   1.       Approval of minutes of 2002 AGM (Montreal)
   Minutes of 2002 AGM were tabled for approval
   Recommendation  1:  That  the  minutes  of  the 2002 AGM (Montreal) be
   Moved by Peter Royce
   Seconded by Sam Coghlan
   2 Financial report
   Gary  Shearman  provided  a verbal report to the effect that there was
   approximately $8800 remaining in the bank account.
   Recommendation  2: That the verbal report provided by Gary Shearman be
   received -- pending the receipt of the written statement
   Moved Garth Graham
   Seconded by Peter Royce
   3.       Appointment of auditor
   Recommendation  3: That TC continue to use the services of the present
   auditor Stuart Boddy of Victoria
   Moved by Peter Royce
   Seconded by Garth Graham
   4. President's report (see appendix A)
   Recommendation 4: That the President's report be received and accepted
   as circulated
   Moved by Garth Graham
   Seconded by Sam Coghlan
   5.       Director's reports
   Marita  Moll,  as  TC representative to the Canadian Research Alliance
   for  Community  Innovation  and  Networking (CRACIN) reported that the
   CRACIN proposal to SSHRC for a 3-year study of community networking in
   7 case study sites across Canada and various complementary broad-based
   studies (see [1]hyperlink ) as been approved and is underway.
   Garth  Graham  asked  that  the  minutes note that the CRACIN proposal
   presented  a  definition of community networking as an institution and
   that TC defined community networking as a process.
   Participants  agreed  that  community  networking  as  a process was a
   crucial  perspective  that  the  TC representative should bring to the
   research work done under the CRACIN umbrella.
   Intervention on Lawful Access
   Peter  Royce  reported  that TC's submission to hearings on the Lawful
   Access  Consultation Document (see [2]hyperlink) had been acknowledged
   as duly received as input to the process.
   World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
   Gary  Shearman reported that TC was still accredited to WSIS and still
   in  a  position to participate formally if it appeared the opportunity
   and resources became available to do so.
   Garth  Graham  reported  that  TC  had  sent a letter to Department of
   Finance,  Foreign  Affairs  and  Industry  Canada on the importance of
   community  online  to  the  development of an Information Society. The
   letter seeks assurances of more open processes of dialogue on national
   socio-economic   development   planning  related  to  information  and
   communications  technology  use.  (see [3]hyperlink ) Departments have
   acknowledged receipt of the letter.
   Communication Rights in the Information Society (CRIS)
   Mike Gurstein reported that there was a CRIS group forming in the U.S.
   as part of the ICT Task Force meeting. He agreed to add TC observer to
   his roles in these meetings and report back as needed.
   Marita  Moll  reported  that she attended an ICANN at-large meeting in
   Montreal  in  June 2003 when ICANN was looking for new members and had
   identified  TC  as a possibly interested party. It did not appear that
   there   were   any   resources  available  from  ICANN  to  facilitate
   participation and she recommended that TC not become formally involved
   at the present time.
   Gary  Shearman reported that four TC directors had participated in the
   strategy  meeting  in Toronto (March, 2004) towards the formation of a
   National  CAP  association.  It  was agreed that TC should continue to
   participate  and  provide input where ever possible to this attempt to
   form  a  national CAP group. Once a formal structure emerges, TC might
   consider suggesting an exchange of directors so that both groups could
   keep each other informed of national and international initatives.
   Recommendation  5:  That  the  reports  of  directors  be  accepted as
   Moved by Garth Graham
   Seconded by Mike Gurstein
   Recommendation  6:  That  the  actions of the directors since the last
   meeting be ratified
   Moved by Peter Royce
   Seconded by Gary Shearman
   6.       Review and updating of by-laws
   Marita  Moll reported that a by-law amendment approved by the Board of
   Directors in 2001 had not been formally approved by the 2002 AGM.
   Recommendation  7:  That  By-law  #1, conditions of membership, 1.1 be
   amended to read :
   Ordinary  membership,  with  full  privileges,  is  open  to  Canadian
   electronic community networking organizations, including public access
   sites,  learning  networks, community networks and other organizations
   that  support  the  aims  and objectives of Telecommunities Canada and
   that : (etc.)
   Moved by Peter Royce
   Seconded by Gary Shearman
   7.       Issues and Directions for 2004-2005
   Civil Society Task Force
   It  was  suggested  that  there was a profound need for an alternative
   position  on  and  definition of ``civil society'' especially with the
   ongoing  WSIS  discussions.  It  was  noted  that  TC had a particular
   perspective and expertise around the table to develop a new position.
   Recommendation  8:  That  there be a TC task force struck to develop a
   new  position on civil society to be posted on the TC website and sent
   to  government  departments  working  in  this  area (Industry Canada,
   Foreign Affairs, etc.)
   Moved by Marita Moll
   Seconded by Gary Shearman
   Action:  Task force members Garth Graham and Mike Gurstein will invite
   other  particants  to the dialogue and report progress to the list. It
   is hoped that some work can be posted as early as June 2004.
   Communications Task Force
   It  was  noted  that  we  should be providing more leadership on using
   ICT's   in   our   own   communications.  Various  members  have  been
   experimenting with Ivisit, Ichat and Voice over IP.
   Recommendation  9:  That  TC have a task force formally exploring this
   area and actively engaging other members in providing trial runs.
   Moved by Marita Moll
   Seconded by Mike Gurstein
   Action: Gary Shearman, Garth Graham and Fred Campbell have been active
   in this area and will continue working on this.
   8. Election of directors
   Gary  Shearman  reported  that Sam Coglan and Ian Allen had asked that
   their  names  be  withdrawn for the list of directors. Ian Allen would
   continue  to  act  as  webmaster. Sam agreed to stay on the electronic
   list and occasionally offer comments and directions.
   Recommendation  10:  That  the remainder of the directors list (listed
   below)  be  left  unchanged  but  that 2 positions remain vacant to be
   filled   eventually   with   representatives   from   the  new  CANCAP
   New list of directors:
   Gareth Shearman
   Chris Cope
   Marita Moll
   Alain Ambrosi
   Brian Beaton
   Fred Campbell
   Garth Graham
   Michael Gurstein, Ph.D
   David Murdoch
   Peter Royce
   Mark Surman
   2 vacant positions
   Moved by Gary Shearman
   Seconded by Garth Graham
   9. Adjournment
   Recommendation 11: That the 2003-2004 AGM be adjourned
   Moved by Gary Shearman
   Seconded by Marita Moll
   Appendix A:
   Telecommunities Canada
   President's Report 2003/04
   March 19, 2004
   This  has  been a quiet year for us. After the culmination of the GCNP
   and  WSIS  events  reported  at  our  last  AGM,  we have not had much
   We are still accredited to the WSIS process, but it was decided not to
   attend the rest of the Prepcoms or the summit itself in Geneva because
   our involvement was not being supported by the Canadian government and
   sending a representative would have seriously depleted our funds below
   the level of just over $8000 where they remain to-day.
   Two  of  our Board members have continued to serve on the Board of the
   group formed to support GCN 2002.. We are also a partner in the CRACIN
   research proposal.
   Your  president  has  been  involved  in the still ongoing attempts to
   organize a national CAP organization or advisory committee.
   Gareth R. Shearman
   March 17, 2004