Telecommunities Canada
Annual General Meeting 1997
Minutes - August 18, 1997

Michael Gillespie -President
Jon Hall - Secretary - NWT FreeNet Association
Gareth Shearman - Director - BC Community Network Association
Garth Graham - Director
Bernie Hart - Director - Chebucto Community Net*
Randy Dodge - St. John's Infonet*
Deanna Gaetz - Saskatchewan Association of Community Network*
Matthew Brown - Valley Net - BC*
Chris Cope - National Capital Region*
Gwen Simpson - Edmonton FreeNet
Keith Gross - Edmonton FreeNet*
Karen Botan - Blue Skys Community Networks*
Alvin Keppler - Muddy Waters Community Network*
Shady Karft - National Capital FreeNet
Jean-Marie Pelletier - CAC Lagaceville, NB*
Mae Shearman - Victoria FreeNet*
Pete Koning - Hamilton Wentworth FreeNet*
Harry Adam - Lumby Community Internet Access*
Mark Surman -- Web Networks*
John Grogan - Prince George*
David Trueman - Chebucto Community Network
David Murdock - Chebucto Community Network
Marita Moll - National Capital FreeNet
Gordon Fisch - Great Plains FreeNet
Marion Pape - NS Community Access Centre

* Voting member

Regrets: Ian Allan - Director

  1. Welcome and quorum call. Michael Gillespie noted that 26 people were present, called the meeting to order at 4:35 p.m. and welcomed the members.

  2. Motion to approve the agenda - Gareth Shearman - Carried

  3. Motion to approval the minutes of previous AGM - August 20, 1996 - Edmonton Keith Gross - Carried

  4. Presentation and acceptance of financial statements. The President noted that Karen Botan performed a financial review of the books and thanked her for performing that service for the second year. Motion to accept the financial statements. - Matt Brown - Carried

  5. Motion to Dispense with Auditors I move that Telecommunities Canada dispense with the naming of auditors for the current fiscal year but that an independent financial review be performed. Keith Gross - Carried.

  6. Presentation of board report and acceptance of board actions
    The president reported on the board activities. Michael Gillespie attended the Ties that Bind Conference in Taos New Mexico where the seeds for an international association of community nets were sown. He noted that Vancouver Community Network won their legal appeal regarding their charitable status and several Community Nets subsequently applied for charitable status. The collapse of NPTN put their claims of copyright on the word FreeNet in doubt. TC engaged in some dialogue with the NPTN receiver without resolution. However the issue is likely dead. The membership plan was further developed following input from the Edmonton AGM. TC created and signed a MOU with Industry Canada, copies of which were distributed at the meeting. Other issues will be discussed further later on the agenda.
    Moved that the board report be accepted and that all resolutions of the board of directors since the last AGM be confirmed. Mae Shearman - Carried

  7. Report of the nomination committee and election of board members. Gareth reported on behalf of the nominating committee. The president thanked the retiring and returning board members for their efforts and expressed his pleasure at being able to work with them. Gareth noted that four board members will continue for the second year of their term: Jon Hall, Ian Allen, Gareth Shearman and Bernie Hart. Three positions are open for election and officers are elected from within the board. The nominees are: Harry Adam - BC, Karen Botan - Manitoba, Matthew Brown - BC, Deanna Gaetz - Saskatchewan, Michael Gillespie - Manitoba and Garth Graham - Ontario.
    There were no additional nominations from the floor. Each candidate gave a short presentation of their qualifications and ideas for further development of TC.
    Following the election and tabulation of ballots, David Trueman reported that Deanna Gaetz, Michael Gillespie and Garth Graham were elected to two year terms on the board of directors. The President thanked all the candidates for their participation.
    Motion that the ballots be destroyed. David Trueman - Carried

  8. Members concerns:
    Charitable Status Update - It was noted that Saskatchewan has received charitable status.
    Remote login update - David Trueman reported that the Edmonton solution as presented at the conference was not yet complete because it presented some security concerns. Further development will continue.
    Membership Plan Presentation for approval. Motion that the membership policy be accepted with changes to indicate that the membership fee is only a suggestion and that the plan be reviewed in two years (1999). Matt Brown - Carried
    Electronic Public Space Update - Garth Graham reported on TC participation in the EPS Steering Group. Relevant documents are located on the TC webpage.
    World Symposium 1998 Presentation - Garth Graham provided an overview of the progress being made towards the event called Local Choices - Global Voices proposed to be held in Vancouver in August 1998. More information is available on the TC webpage.
    TC'98 AGM - decisions regarding the conference and meeting are in limbo until the World Symposium plans are completed. Michael Gillespie noted that Manitoba had issued an invitation to host the meetings in 1999.
    Chebucto Suite Update - David Trueman reported that the software product will be available to community networks across Canada through participation with Industry Canada and TC. Plans are in place for international distribution and further development although funding is still unsecured. Victoria Telecommunity Network reported on the favourable review of the program.

  9. Adjournment and thanks. The president thanked the members for their attendance at the meeting and for their lively debate. He adjourned the meeting at 6:05 p.m. The new board will convene their first meeting at 9:00 am on Tuesday in Shirreff Hall.

Meeting notes prepared by Jon Hall

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